Cabrini’s coffee ‘company’ strikes gold

The students from Cabrini High School’s economics class won the grand prize of $10,000 in scholarship money at the Junior Achievement’s Perkin Venture Forward Company of the Year competition for their Crescent Coffee House business.

Under the direction of teacher Paige Holtgreve, the students’ Crescent Coffee House business model canvas included their value position, key partners, key activities and resources.

They also explained the company’s customer relations, channels and segments.

The company supplied its business charts in marketing supplies and cost production, as well as labor. The Crescent Coffee House also reported on its revenue stream as its stock increased in value from $2 a share to $9.25 a share after a week of operations.

During the project, Holtgreve’s class “hired” Cabrini teacher Paul Distler’s class to be the work force of the company. Distler’s students were paid
$1 an hour for making and selling the coffee.

“I am so appreciative and happy that our team and classes worked so hard together,” said senior entrepreneur Callie Bordelon.

The prize money will be divided equally among the 10 girls in the class: seniors Ashley Berry, Callie Bordelon, Victoria Buquoi, Chelsea Crespo, Elizabeth Dubuisson, Rian Ezell, Erin Glynn, and juniors Ali Landry, Sofia Mangerchine and Erica Romain.

In addition, the top three entrepreneur students won $100 each for their distinguished work in the following categories: Callie Bordelon for leadership; Chelsea Crespo for entrepreneurial spirit; and Sofia Mangerchine for teamwork.

The awards were presented at the New Orleans Entrepreneur Week ceremonies at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans on March 24. 

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