Brother Martin academic games team wins nationals

From April 28 through May 1, the Academic Games Leagues of America (AGLOA) hosted the 2017 AGLOA National Tournament. 

 Teams nationwide and as far away as India met in a four-day tournament that included a series of mathematics, social studies, language arts and logic games to determine the best individual players and teams in the country.

Along with the element of competition, students involved in Academic Games learn the value of teamwork, preparation and practice, and intellectual discourse – win or lose.

This year marked the 52nd annual Academic Games National Tournament and the 51st where students from either Brother Martin, St. Aloysius or Cor Jesu attended. The year 2001 was the last time a Brother Martin team won the team sweepstakes.

Brother Martin seniors Trey Andrews, Austin Kain, Tarik Lopez, Hunter Mathas and Adam Peters formed a team in the Senior Division (Grades 11 and 12) and had the best overall combined score to win the Team Sweepstakes and were crowned “the best team in the nation.”

This is considered to be one of the most coveted titles that can be earned in all of Academic Games. Brother Martin’s national Academic Games team took fourth place in the game of Equations, first in On-Sets, first in Presidents and first in Propaganda.

Each Brother Martin team member received individual recognition in the senior division in different games. Tarik Lopez placed ninth in Propaganda; Austin Kain finished third in On-Sets; Adam Peters was seventh in Presidents and 10th in the individual sweepstakes; Trey Andrews took second in Presidents, first in Equations, and second in individual sweepstakes; Hunter Mathas placed sixth in Propaganda, second in On-Sets, first in Presidents and first in sweeps – the second consecutive year he was named overall best player in the senior division.

With Mathas’ two first-place 2017 titles, he has four total individual titles and will be named to the Academic Games Hall of Fame.

Current academic games coach Craig Zeller, ‘02, was a 2001 academic team member. He is a New Orleans Academic Games League board member, a member of the AGLOA Tournament Council that organizes the annual nationals and an AGLOA executive board member and is an Academic Games Hall of Fame coach.

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