Readers Respond – April 29, 2017

Stroke of genius
New Orleans

I found Beth Donze’s article on fountain pens extraordinarily interesting and well written. I, too, am an aficionado of pens and have an extensive collection. The object of all pens is, of course, writing.

The renaissance of letter writing that is exploding across the world brings gifts of penmanship to millions of people who receive hand-written letters across the world. It also brings to mind that the Gospels were hand-written, copied and became pillars of the church.

I find, however, that for everyday use a Pentel Tradio is the best pen. It combines the utility of the fountain pen with a nib that is flexible and almost calligraphic.

Thanks for the article. Like all good journalism, it opens the mind and leads to a sense of wonder about God and his creation.


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