A Holy Thursday prayer: Archbishop Aymond washes prisoners’ feet

It was a spiritually moving hour inside Orleans Justice Center on Holy Thursday, April 13.

Archbishop Gregory Aymond went to Block 4 of the prison to lead 30 inmates in a prayer service highlighted by his washing the feet of 13 prisoners. As the archbishop went down the line and kneeled down in front of the men, each slipped off his orange, rubberized sandal. The archbishop poured water from a pitcher on each inmate’s foot and then dried it with a white towel.

After a silent prayer, Archbishop Aymond shook each man’s hand. “Jesus always reassures us of his love,” the archbishop told the inmates.

“He washes our feet to remind us he is ready to forgive us for anything we have done – that there is nothing too great for Jesus to forgive. He washes our feet to remind us that we are indeed his brother, his sister. … Jesus says, ‘We can’t change the past, but we can change the future.’” 

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