Camp Marymount exudes nature

In today’s world where electronic devices seem to be hard-wired to every child’s palm, Camp Marymount, a Catholic residential camp for boys and girls in Fairview, Tennessee (near Nashville), has made the conscious decision to cut the cord, block the Wi-Fi and blow away the “cloud,” all in the best interests of fun and camaraderie.
“One of the things that’s steeped in our 77-year history is that we are a very traditional, rustic, summer camp,” said camp director Tommy Hagey. “As people keep moving through life and electronics take over our world, we’ve done a freeze frame. We offer old-fashioned fun. We unplug the kids and introduce them back to nature.”
Going cold turkey and giving up instant connectivity might be jarring at first to some Camp Marymount newbies, but Hagey said those feelings quickly disappear.
“The reality is they’re so busy immediately that there’s not a whole lot of down time,” Hagey said. “They get up and eat and boom, they’re doing so many things. That’s something a lot of kids have never experienced. We have a high return rate of campers, and they’re jumping in to show the new ones how this is done.”
There are separate camps for boys and girls, and each session is divided into junior and senior camps. The junior girls are in rising grades K-8, and the senior girls are entering grades 9-11. The junior boys are in rising grades K-7, and the senior boys are in rising grades 8-11.
“The only difference in format is that the junior camps are very structured, where the campers go to all the activities on a rotating basis,” Hagey said. “In the senior camp, you go to all the activities in the first week and then you can pick and choose. There’s a little more independence.”
For girls, there is a two-week session June 4-16 and a three-week session June 18-July 7. Girl campers who want to attend all five weeks can check with Camp Marymount at registration time.
For boys, there is a one-week session July 9-15 and a two-week session July 16-28. Boys can sign up for all three weeks.
“We get a lot of kids from New Orleans, and we also get kids from 20 states and Mexico, Hagey said.
Camp Marymount was voted the No. 1 overnight camp. For more information, contact (615) 799-0410 or go to

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