Work ethic led this bowler to roll a perfect game

It was Mardi Gras week, but he was grinding away at his craft, as always.
If Jordan Hunter, a senior at St. Augustine High School, wanted to throw a party, you couldn’t blame him. What Hunter has done in one year is well … amazing.
A 136-average bowler in the New Orleans Prep League, he has raised his average 79 pins a game. And, recently, Hunter rolled his first 800 series. He fashioned games of 279, 224 and a perfect 300 at All-Star Lanes in Kenner.
The 800 series is just the third in the history of the New Orleans Prep League. Alex Dupuy of Holy Rosary owns the other two 800 series, including a record series of 811.
What’s great about his story is there is no magic trick or transformational piece of advice he received that turned his game on a dime. Hunter just went to work on his game, day and night.
Here’s a snippet of our recent conversation: “And, how many hours a day would you say you were out here?”
Hunter replied: “Probably like four to five every day. Sometimes on Saturday I would be here the whole day.”
“The whole day? So, how many games you think you bowled in a week?”
“Probably about 200,” said Hunter.
Hunter said he sought advice on various techniques, including how to stay down at the foul line. And, once he got those techniques down, he literally burned the midnight oil.
His high school coach Chris Quest readily admits that he was new to the sport of bowling, but he could recognize work ethic instantly.
“He’s here on the weekend, after practice,” Quest said. “His work ethic is second to none. Everyone knows him. He’s a respectable guy, and he works really, really hard. Every bit of success he earns, he definitely deserves.”
Hunter’s game is powerful and bold. The revolutions he gets on the ball make the pins fly and the finish of each shot noisy – which is exactly what Jordan Hunter isn’t.
Hunter is soft spoken and at ease with himself. His TV interview went smoothly. Hunter even cracked a few smiles.
If you had a last year like Hunter’s, you would be smiling, too. Hunter plans to attend LSU and bowl for the Tigers. He will continue to roll toward bigger and better.
At a recent practice, Quest assigned each one of his St. Aug bowlers a number to improve their average. After assigning numbers to the entire team, Quest saved Hunter for last.
“Jordan, your goal is to average 225,” said Quest.
Time for Jordan Hunter to roll up his sleeves and get to work. For the one of the hardest-working athletes in New Orleans prep sports, it will be just another day at the office.

Ed Daniels is sports director of ABC26 WGNO. He can be reached at

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