Double the love! Twins galore at Christian Brothers

Last fall, administrators at Christian Brothers realized their school’s newly opened St. Anthony Campus had a very special claim to fame: the campus’ student body of 362 children included a mind-boggling 10 sets of twins.
The 20 youngsters, who make up nearly 6 percent of the campus’ total enrollment, are:

• Pre-K4 students Henry and James Konrad, and Anna and Cecilia Prat

• Kindergartners Caroline and Thomas Melius, and Ava and Elise Sanderson

• First graders Benjamin and Henry Aucoin

• Third graders Angelina and Henry Lambert, and Avery and Jordan Paulin
™ Fourth graders Benedetto and James Cimini, and Andrew and Jacob      

• Sixth graders Emily and Victoria Cambre

The identical Paulin twins say they are used to being misidentified in the classroom and on the playground.

“The best part about being a twin is that (Avery) is so protective of me,” Jordan said. “I like to dance and sing, and a lot of people tease me. He stands up for me.”

The campus’ other pair of identical twins – the Aucoin brothers – can be told apart only through a slight variation in eye color, but because they are in separate homerooms, their teachers are less name-challenged. It’s a different story on the soccer field, however.

“Everybody calls him me, and everybody calls me him,” Ben said.

“The best part about being a twin is that (Ben) always loves me,” said Henry.

The fraternal Lalla twins are a study of opposites: Andrew has strawberry blonde hair and hates broccoli, whereas Jacob has blonde hair and loves the vegetable. But sometimes opposites make the best study buddies, the boys said: Andrew’s best subject is math and worst subject is reading, while Jacob’s feelings about the two subjects are flipped.

Christian Brothers’ only set of boy-girl twins – Angelina and Henry Lambert – do not share similar looks but do possess the same warm and welcoming personality, said their teacher, Stephanie Vlosich.

“That’s where it ends – they could not be more different,” Vlosich said. “Henry is very athletic and lives for P.E. and football; Angelina cheers with her friends and is happy to walk around the yard.”

Vlosich said that while Angelina is the younger Lambert twin “by a couple of minutes,” the youngster often can be seen being a “mother hen” to Henry. She is always reminding her brother to pack his textbooks and hugging him, whether he likes it or not.

“If he forgets his lunch kit out on the yard she’ll grab it for him on her way in,” Vlosich said.

Christian Brothers science teacher Rachael Prat has the distinction of being both the mother of campus twins – pre-kindergartners Anna and Cecilia – and a teacher to an additional eight sets.

“They all get along famously,” said Prat, noting that her own fraternal twin daughters, who are in the same homeroom, are “100 percent opposite in almost every way” – to the point where strangers would never peg them as sisters.

“They’re both very independent in the classroom, I’m told,” Prat said. “One is a bit more of a leader and more confident; the other is more laid back – she goes with the flow and does her own thing.”

Prat said the question parents of twins get asked most often by their children’s teachers is: “Should we keep them together or separate them?” Prat says she leaves the answer up to the teacher.

“They know better than I do about how they are in the classroom,” Prat said, “So I’m keeping them together until I’m told otherwise!”

There are no twins currently enrolled at Christian Brothers’ City Park Campus.

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