Readers Respond – Feb. 4, 2017

St. Mary’s grad giving back is a shining light
New Orleans

I don’t weigh in nearly often enough to say this, but I thought Peter Finney’s piece on Britt Harris Eason (“Eason: Paying back the school that changed her life,” Jan. 28 Clarion Herald) was particularly outstanding because the article highlighted someone, the likes of whom we too seldom see in the media, namely the antithesis of the black faces so prominently displayed in the “perp walks” that we so often see on the TV news.

The cumulative impact of those faces plays into racial stereotypes that unfortunately linger in the minds of many in a society where racial segregation still prevails in many areas of life.

The piece exemplifies a vital kind of counter-programming that plays an important role by enhancing the visibility of people of color who are not only academically and financially successful, but who are also willing to share the fruits of their success by putting their money where their mouths are to help others climb the ladder toward success.

It’s not that I think such people are incredibly rare, but rather that we too seldom hear about them.

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Office of Religious Education
Archdiocese of New Orleans

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