Find a Catholic school easily with EdNavigator site

Have you ever wondered how to find information about Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of New Orleans in one place?

In December, “A Guide to Catholic Schools in New Orleans” was launched by EdNavigator in collaboration with the archdiocese, the Catholic schools and communications offices. This online guide can be accessed at

The site helps parents navigate their Catholic education opportunities by listing all Catholic elementary and high schools in the archdiocese in alphabetical order, with basic information from each, such as grade levels and important deadlines for registration, etc.

Parents can narrow a search of schools based on location, civil parish, grade needed,  gender and also discover how to pay for a Catholic school tuition.    They can even get answers to frequently questions such as: Do I have to be Catholic to send my child to a Catholic school? How much religious instruction occurs in Catholic schools?

The archdiocese worked with Tim Daly, who co-founded EdNavigator with Ariela Rozman and David Keeling, to create the site. Daly approached the archdiocese, saying parents he was working with were asking questions about Catholic schools and wanted more information.

Conversations on creating the online guide between the two began in early 2016. Initially, the archdiocese didn’t know if a printed or an online guide was preferable. With so many families finding resources from their smart phones, it was decided that an online guide was the optimum way to help families.

Launched in December
Daly met with school principals and administrators to make it easy for them to tell their individual story to parents searching on the site.

EdNavigator “took information that the schools shared and uploaded it,” Daly said. “One thing that was important to us (at EdNavigator) and to RaeNell Houston (of the Office of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of New Orleans) was that we wanted to put every school in the archdiocese in there.

“We had a fantastic response from school leaders when we shared it with them,” Daly said.

If schools have a change of information, they contact EdNavigator and, within an hour or two, the information is changed.

One of the prominent features of the website is how to pay for tuition. One click over that block and the variety of scholarship options is at a parent’s fingertips.

“A lot of parents want Catholic school education but can’t afford it. We wanted to make parents and families aware that there are scholarship programs,” Houston said.

“We hope that people get a pretty good sense of options that are out there,” Daly said.
The site fosters better connections between families trying to find a Catholic school and schools wanting to find families.

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