Readers Respond – December 17, 2016

I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved Peter Finney’s article in the Clarion Herald (“The real Mannequin Challenge was the freeze bell,” Dec. 3). I hadn’t thought about the “freeze bell” in years, but the article brought back so many fun memories.

When I started at St. Leo, Sister Margaret was the principal, then Sister deLourdes, both of whom rang that freeze bell. That must have been a St. Leo tradition, because no one I’ve talked to was familiar with it.

Sister Edmund was my all-time favorite teacher at St. Leo’s. She made learning so much fun and so down to earth. I’m so happy to know that she’s enjoying her retirement. Thanks for the fun memories and a good laugh.


School Sisters of Notre Dame rang bell at St. Gabriel

I’m just catching up on my reading from last week, and thoroughly enjoyed Peter Finney’s column about the “freeze bell” (“The real Mannequin Challenge was the freeze bell, Dec. 3).

I attended St. Gabriel the Archangel School in Gentilly Woods from 1960-69, and we were taught by several School Sisters of Notre Dame. The freeze bell is one of my favorite memories of grammar school. What a perfect way to get children to stop playing and focus on lining up at the end of recess.

I never really thought about who started it or where. It was just one of those things that we did. Gotta love those nuns, right? Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


No aliens or flying saucers in sight
New Orleans

My wife Sandy’s entire life flashed or froze before her eyes while reading Peter Finney’s column on the freeze bell. She experienced the same phenomenon when she attended Catholic school in Roswell, New Mexico.

She didn’t see any flying saucers, either.


Icon coverage
New Orleans

On behalf of myself and our community, I want to thank Christine Bordelon for her beautifully written article on the Perpetual Help Icon in the Nov. 26 Clarion Herald.

There are so many rich details to the story and you captured them so accurately.
We will send your article to our Provincial Archives in Denver, and it will enrich our legacy of honoring Mary under the title of Perpetual Help.


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