Readers Respond – March 12, 2016

Low-level politics

New Orleans

Re: Editorial by Archbishop Aymond (“What has happened to civility in politics?” Feb. 28).

Congratulations and AMEN to his excellency, Archbishop Aymond, for the editorial. He said what I am sure a lot of citizens in this country are thinking. It is a disgrace and embarrassment every time one turns on the TV and we hear the bellowing voice of Trump or Cruz or Rubio yelling at each other or Clinton and Sanders bashing everybody.

The present Obama administration is the worst that I have seen in my 80-plus years. From what I see of the ones running now, the country will only get worse. I liken this election to the “hold-your-nose” Edwards-Duke governor’s race of long ago. Either that, or many people won’t vote.

May God bless America! The country sure needs it.


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