Readers Respond – August 13, 2016

Touched by Emmery

I am a grown man, 67 years old and a native New Orleanian. I am not given to emotions, but from the second paragraph to the last word of Mrs. Vaughn (“Emmery Faith’s 65 hours of life transformed her family,” July 30 Clarion Herald), I was crying.

I just started crying and could not stop.

Please relate my heartfelt love and inspiration to the Vaughns. Emmery Faith Vaughn touched not only her family but the writer of this letter.

The disruption of lives due to Katrina, the relocation, the loss of business, the loss of Mrs. Vaughn’s father during that time period and the extra work, any kind of work that Mr. Vaughn found to keep his family together was simply a burden too heavy for me to carry. (I, too, am a man that would and did do anything to provide for my family.) His strength is inspiring.

From tragedy to victory. Yes, the initial news of the pregnancy was wonderful. Emmery’s sister and brothers shared the great joy. Later, the news was tragic and this, too, her brothers and sister shared.

“Questioning God” – yes, in tragedy we do question why this is allowed to happen. I have no answer. But over and over in my 67 years, I have seen a lukewarm faith become faith in God that nothing could shake when people lives have experienced an inexplicable loss.

The final words in the column were spoken by Mrs. Vaughn: “We will see you again, my sweet girl. We will know you anywhere.”

The power of those words would have stopped Hurricane Katrina in her tracks.

The story of the Vaughns touched more people than they could ever imagine.


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