Readers Respond – April 16, 2016

A modest proposal


“As New Orleans turns 300,” perhaps it is not too late for a serious consideration of this proposal:

A good use of our talented New Orleans-area youth would be as “costumed historic characters” in the French Quarter. At least on the corners and within Jackson Square, visitors to our city could talk with and learn from “Bienville,” “Jean Lafitte,” “the Ursulines” and “Casket Girls ‘free women of color,’” etc.

Each time I have visited historic cities such as Philadelphia, Boston, Williamsburg, enjoying their “costumed characters,” I regret that we offer no such attraction. It would offer families more than just “Bourbon Street” – perhaps making New Orleans a “world-class family destination.”

Our high schools and certainly NOCCA boast excellent theatre departments. Let’s give them an opportunity to display their talents in a constructive and worthwhile project and New Orleans an opportunity to showcase its history.


Clean up our city!


Re: “As New Orleans turns 300, isn’t it time we grew up? (April 2, Clarion Herald).

I am New Orleanian, born and raised. Please help curtail human trafficking in our city. We as a city should be known for living on good times; but prostitution and drugs (which go hand in hand) do not lead to a good time in the long run. They lead to slavery to vice, the debasement of the dignity of women and even to death for some involved.

Let’s clean our city. And let’s make it a tourist destination where people can enjoy the truly good things of life.


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