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    CABRINI HIGH SCHOOL, 1400 Moss St. New Orleans – Cabrini is unexpected. It is a place where a young girl is free to pursue her interests. She is encouraged and assisted by a caring network of faculty and staff. A Cabrini student is expected to excel in her chosen pursuits and to achieve far more than she would expect.
    Cabrini women are not intimidated by challenges; they are taught to accept and thrive on them. We expect students to immerse themselves in the rigorous college preparatory curriculum. Cabrini is a place where young girls grow into successful, talented and driven women.
    Cabrini is sisterhood. Many young girls know instinctively that Cabrini is the place where they belong. Cabrini is their home away from home. Cabrini feels like home to our students because they are in an environment surrounded by those who love and care about them. We celebrate their successes yet push them to always achieve more. Cabrini sets high expectations but provides the students with the support to achieve their goals.
    Cabrini is academic. Educationally, the expectations at Cabrini are those of a demanding college preparatory school. With 15 AP courses offered, 11 AP Scholars, one AP Scholar with Honor and two AP Scholars with distinction, Cabrini is nationally recognized as a leading school in Louisiana offering AP courses.
    Students learn to take personal responsibility for their work and actions and develop critical thinking skills. A Cabrini student enjoys a broad, challenging curriculum designed to develop the whole woman. Course work includes participation in nationally recognized, award-winning science and fine arts programs in addition to exemplary core courses.
    A forerunner in bringing technology into secondary education, Cabrini ensures the availability of state-of-the-art technology for its students. This aggressive approach to technology has resulted in computer resources and computer-enhanced instruction. Wireless Internet is provided to each of the 293 on-campus computers and iPads.
    Faculty members have instant access to student records and the ability to keep all students’ grading current for parental online access through the advanced Edline program system. With a 1.5 to 1 student-computer ratio, each student has her own network login account and her own storage space on the student server.
    Cabrini is growth. To help achieve the development of the whole woman, a wide range of co-curricular activities is offered. As a member of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association, Cabrini competes in eight individual and team sports on the junior varsity and varsity levels. Championship athletic teams are motivated to value teamwork and work toward common goals all while balancing academic expectations. As evidence, Cabrini athletics boast multiple state, regional and district championship titles, while numerous Cabrini athletes have been named All-Metro academic athletes.
    Cabrini is exceptional. When a young woman makes the decision to attend Cabrini High School, she makes a decision that will change her life forever. She makes a decision to accept and adhere to the core values of respect, excellence and service. She makes the decision to embrace lifelong learning and realizes that excellence in academics and co-curricula take dedication and discipline.
    Cabrini is historic. For more than 50 years, the young women have emulated St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. Mother Cabrini embodies what we expect of our students. She refused to let anything come between her goals and what she knew she was called to achieve. She traveled the globe and established 67 hospitals, care centers, schools and orphanages to help those less fortunate. She rejected what others saw as limitations and achieved astonishing results.
    Cabrini is spiritual. When you walk the campus of Cabrini High School, you’re walking on holy ground. You’re walking in the footsteps of the first American citizen saint. St. Frances Xavier Cabrini walked and prayed where Cabrini High stands today. Her bedroom, perfectly intact, serves as a precious reminder that she is still here watching over our students.
    Choosing Cabrini is choosing to be part of a family. Stand among great women and someday join Cabrini alumnae who have helped forge excellence, honesty, integrity and dignity in business, medicine, law, communications – virtually every aspect of life.
    Cabrini is academic, personal and extraordinary. Cabrini is awesome.

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