Way of the Cross is a 4th-grade honor at St. Christopher

Ashley Caldarera is in awe of St. Veronica because of her audacity to step out of her comfort zone to comfort Jesus at a time when others were cowering.

”You get to really see with your eyes what she does to help Jesus,” said Ashley, the St. Christopher fourth grader who portrayed the saint in her class’ four Lenten presentations of the Way of the Cross for the entire school.

“Veronica is brave and she likes to help people who need help. I mean, Jesus was in pain,” Ashley said, pointing to the image that appears on her veil.

“It’s a really exciting miracle because Jesus’ face is on it. If you were a normal person, the cloth would show nothing,” she said.

The annual re-enactment, a fourth-grade privilege, is the culmination of fourth graders’ lower school religion experience, said Sue Martina, the religion teacher who has coordinated St. Christopher’s fourth-grade stations for 15 years.

“It means so much to the children! It is amazing how serious they are!” Martina said. “I explain to them that we’re doing this for God; we’re doing this for Jesus; this is part of our Lenten sacrifice; we want God to work through us to give the whole school a meaningful Lenten experience.”


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