St. Ann students pause to thank their parents

During Catholic Schools Week 2014, in addition to enjoying fun “extras” such as sweet treats and days designated for the wearing of their favorite sweatshirt or “crazy socks,” students at St. Ann School in Metairie took care of some serious business: Every student in grades kindergarten through seven composed a personal, handwritten note of appreciation to his or her parents for the gift of Catholic education.

“It’s part of our Catholic identity here at St. Ann to instill the virtues of appreciation and thankfulness,” noted Rosalyn Eason, the school’s religion coordinator, of the annual letter-writing activity. “In most instances the students are very appreciative to their parents for sending them to a Catholic school.”

Writing a note of thanks doesn’t take much time but means so much to the unsung heroes and heroines in a child’s everyday life, added Eason.

After Hurricane Katrina, St. Ann students used Catholic Schools Week to pen thank-you notes to individuals and groups who donated money or supplies to the rebuilding effort. Other past recipients of their written gratitude include members of the parish community who give their time and talent to St. Ann, including officers of the Home and School Club, the Men’s Club, the Altar Society, eucharistic ministers at school Masses and volunteer coaches.

“(Our students) need to learn that people go out of their way to do things for them – and they need to be appreciative for that,” Eason said. “A lot of times in our society today, we get so much that we don’t think about where it comes from, or what people had to do in order to give it.”

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