Young mother of two knows that life is sacred

    I’m the proud mommy to two baby girls – Lilia, now 2 1/2 years old, and Eleny Rose who is 4 months old. Lilia ended up being delivered via an unexpected Cesarean section that left me wounded for some time, so I was overjoyed after having a natural delivery, using a water tub and helpful hands providing counter-pressure as my only pain therapy, for the recent delivery of Eleny Rose.
    Each night leading up to delivery day we would pray together for a successful v-back (vaginal delivery after Cesarian), including the rosary, and I’m blessed our prayers were answered.
    I wrote the following column still pregnant with Eleny Rose after attendance at the NOLA Needs Peace prayer gathering opposing the Planned Parenthood facility on Claiborne Avenue prompted a vivid dream. The lawn sign advocating respect for life still graces my front yard, serving as a constant reminder of the unborn most in need of prayers.
Welcome home
    Towards the homestretch of my pregnancy, vigorous movement within my womb woke me from a deep sleep with a vision of a lovely home, complete with a white picket fence and budding flowers. This blessed home was built on the land currently intended to house the woman’s clinic/abortion facility. This replacement home served as a true reflection of how God would welcome his children.  
    As visitors entered the home, a smiling face greets them with a warm embrace and places a rose in their hand. They are instantly overcome with peace and hope.  A woman with a newly conceived child in her womb walks through the home and stumbles into a beautiful nursery, where she witnesses many realistic scenes of caring for an infant: a mother rocks her baby to sleep, singing lullabies while nursing; a father adoringly embraces his child; and grandparents beam with love as they tickle each tiny toe.
    Overwhelmed with emotion, the mother-to-be exits the nursery, only to be entrenched in other enchanted yet realistic rooms, all complete with scenes of parenthood, emulating every stage of a child’s life. Bookshelves stocked with helpful tips for raising a child, including the Bible with the “Fruits of the Spirit” bookmarked, align the hallways.
    A caring mentor takes her hand, promising to provide support every step of the way as she is transformed by the miracle of life within her. The mentor tells her that God promises to never forsake her or her unborn child.
    Paying tribute to the godly women we meet through the Bible reading of Titus 2, this home would connect all women that you may find in the waiting rooms of adoption services, fertility clinics, abortion facilities and delivery rooms. Women from all walks of life would come together as restored souls and wipe each other’s tears as they shared stories of unexpected detours and once unrealized gifts from the Lord.  
     I awoke from my dream, feeling hopeful, that this home will certainly exist in heaven. To me, parenthood is a privilege and a calling far too extraordinary to surpass, and I believe abortion deprives a uniquely chosen soul the time needed to grow within their divine appointed temporary home. I’m grateful that my womb was able to protect my daughters until they were ready to take their first breath on their own in this world. I’m reminded that we each face our own limited hourglass of time before we are sent to our eternal home.
The emperor’s new clothes
    While reflecting on my dream, I pondered the irony surrounding individual expectations and the ease with which we can fool ourselves into justifying our desires. I felt compelled to read one of my favorite childhood classics, “The Emperors New Clothes” by Hans Christian Anderson. In it, a young child has the courage to exclaim the truth – the emperor was parading through the streets naked, under the guise that whoever could not see the remarkable clothes was an unworthy fool. In reality greedy swindlers had coerced them all into believing the lies they told.
    I found the tale to be a perfect analogy to what happens when we are deceived and fall prey to instant gratification, self-righteousness and worldly happiness. I’m challenged every day to remember that true self-worth comes from our maker, and I must trust that God will weave our hurts into the most beautiful and unimaginable wardrobe, that we will never be naked, yet clothed in his love and grace forever.
    Lisanne Dussouy is an occasional writer for the Clarion Herald who wrote pro-life columns while pregnant for her first daughter Lily. She can be reached at

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