‘Our Family Prayer Book’ is a spiritual resource for families

    Everyone is familiar with the slogan that declares, “The family that prays together, stays together.”
    A newer slogan offers the observation: “Life is fragile: Handle with prayer.”
    Both slogans express great wisdom. In the “Our Family Prayer Book,” an archdiocesan publication released a few months ago, Catholic families have a wonderful resource to facilitate prayer in their homes, classrooms, parishes and in moments of private prayer.
    The slim book is a collection of many of the traditional prayers that are central to our Catholic faith – as well as Our Family Prayer for the New Battle of New Orleans, which is recited at every Sunday Mass.
    “Our Family Prayer Book” is priced at only $1 apiece. More than 32,000 copies have been sold to date and more have been printed. The goal is to place one in the hands of every student in Catholic schools and parish Schools of Religion, and in every Catholic household. It is also a resource to place in the hands of those in the RCIA process.
    For more information or to place an order, call the archdiocesan Family Life Apostolate at 861-6243 or the Office of Religious Education at 861-6270.

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