Readers Respond 9-21-13

Wonderfully affirming
New Orleans
    Congrats on the excellent special issue for our Louisiana Priests’  Convention. Reading the articles by my brother priests lifted my spirits. I was especially touched by the positive and hope-filled tone of the articles.
    You had a good mix of ages and types of priests, and they all expressed our common love and gratitude for the gift of our priestly ministry.
    This basic feeling cuts across any and all differences among us due to age, nationality, race, etc. I think this special issue and the convention may help to bridge the gaps that sometimes divide us.
    You have given us priests a real gift in this issue. Thank you so much.
Chaplain, Touro Infirmary

Great reading!
    I would like to thank the staff of the Clarion Herald for the special section on the Louisiana Priests’ Convention. The first-person accounts from all the priests are just terrific and paint a great picture of just how diverse our priestly population is in our state. Fascinating reading!
    And, on a wider note, thanks for the Clarion Herald overall. The paper helps to keep me tuned in to my Catholic faith with current news, both local and beyond.

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