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Gold shovels sobering
New Orleans
    We commend Peter Finney Jr. on his courageous column (“Gold shovels a dark symbol for Planned Parenthood”) that appeared in the June 8 Clarion Herald. It is one of the finest columns we have read in a Catholic newspaper.
    There are perils in taking on a local icon, and we are so pleased that he did not shy away from telling the truth.
Carolyn M. and
William J. Connick Jr.

Why, Rabbi Cohn?
    I could not believe my eyes when I read Peter Finney Jr.’s article (“Gold shovels a dark symbol for Planned Parenthood,” June 8) and learned what Rabbi Cohn said at the groundbreaking ceremony.
    I once heard abortion referred to as a new Holocaust, and how any Jewish leader could support this is truly unthinkable. How would the families of anyone who died in, or even survived in, the camps have felt if anyone had told them that there was no monopoly on that truth?
    God save us all, and God bless you for your reporting. Thank you for this beacon of light.

A Catholic gem!
    Sincere thanks to Beth Donze for her beautiful article on Regina Matrum recipient Valerie Englehardt (May 11, 2013). Valerie’s generosity of spirit and example of spiritual motherhood – which extends well beyond her seven children – inspired me deeply to be more generous myself.
    I was also touched by the fact that she sings to her children in the morning, so much so that my daughter and I made up our own song to sing to Jesus in the morning.
    Thank you, Valerie, for letting the light of the Holy Spirit shine so brightly and purely through your humble service. You have touched my life – and now the life of my family – for the better.

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