Dreaded question: Do you want me to tell your daddy?

farinelli    As a young child, the question – “Do you want me to tell your daddy?” – was often posed to me by my mom. Don’t get me wrong, the question would follow some form of discipline from her. She wouldn’t withhold that, which meant I was about to get punished twice. Of course, my answer was a resounding, “No!”
    Having Daddy know what I had done or hadn’t done, whichever the case, was worse than being disciplined by Mom. I never wanted to let Dad down. Funny, I didn’t believe I was ever letting my mom down; I knew she always accepted me. Despite the fact that I knew my dad loved me, I didn’t believe he would always accept me.
    Often, we look at God the Father much like we looked at our dads – on a pedestal, with deepest respect, but virtually untouchable. We would do anything not to hurt him. Our relationship was somewhere between fear and warm and fuzzy. The one thing we definitely didn’t want was anyone to tell Dad anything bad about us.
    God the Father is a father to each of us. In God’s case, no one has to tell him anything. He knows it all. In spite of what he knows, he still loves us individually. He fully accepts us. We, on the other hand, worry about letting him down.
    In this Year of Family and Faith, we, as parents and grandparents, especially dads and granddads, have an opportunity to affirm and assure our children and grandchildren they are loved, accepted and treasured. Our goal this year is to impress upon them God’s love for them. God sent his only Son into a family to be nurtured by a “man-father.”
    God has given each human dad a model, Joseph, husband to Mary. He and Mary were charged with forming the Man-God into a person. We are charged with forming our children into God-centered people. As a result, we have to be God-centered ourselves, willing to lay aside our own wants and desires in order to provide the nurturing our children need consistently.

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