Prayer at abortion clinic brought pain up close

Considering the pro-life movement has been one of my greatest passions, I had no hesitations when asked if I would be going to D.C. again for the March for Life.

I had the wonderful opportunity of attending the march for the first time last year. The most powerful experience for me on both occasions was the time we spent praying the rosary outside of the Planned Parenthood facility. The power and presence of prayer was definitely able to be felt.

It was an intensely beautiful scene to see close to 200 local youth and adults standing among the rose bushes, storming the heavens with prayer. Those prayers were not only for an end to abortion but also  for the mothers, fathers, facility workers and all else involved that they may find the peace and love of Christ someday.

This year I was at the very front of the garden with a clear view of the sidewalk and front door of the facility. I was able to see clearly the pain and distress all over this young couple’s faces as they walked out of the facility. It was so real that I found myself pained as well – pained that they will never be able to forget what occurred, but also a yearning that they find Christ’s mercy and healing.

I was able to lift them up in my prayer and actually see what that pain looks like.

After praying at the Planned Parenthood clinic, we walked to St. Matthew’s Cathedral, where we had time to pray and look around. Here I was able to offer up this couple, along with all the others who are in the same situations, in front of the Blessed Sacrament. This prayer was followed by the most powerful encounter I have had with Christ and was absolutely his way of saying, “I am with you through it all.”

Katie Drez is a senior at St. Mary’s Dominican High School

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