Readers Respond 12-15-12

Friend will be missed
New Orleans
    When I first heard of Msgr. Kern’s passing, tears just flowed down my cheeks. Then, I smiled to myself and thought of all the beauty, grace and endless love that Msgr. Kern had for people and whispered to God, “He has winged himself to you.”
    As Sisters of the Holy Family, we prayed together every day for him; we wanted the miracle for him.
    Monsignor has been such a great friend to us. We are grateful for his help in making Venerable Mere Henriette Delille better known through his voice, homilies and the selling of books. The setting up of the “Prayer Room” in the cathedral in honor of Venerable Mere Henriette Delille was a great accomplishment.
    Msgr. Kern always had a story to tell me about his relationship with Venerable Mere Henriette Delille. I always listened closely as he kept peeling away the layers of his thoughts to me. They manifested how he had involved her in the daily routine of his spiritual life.
    The last thing he said to me was, “I am not suffering right now. That is Henriette’s miracle to me. The doctor told me that I should be in extreme pain, but I am not. I feel no pain.”
    In his illness I admired the resiliency of his human spirit and appreciated the role that faith exemplified in his life. I struggled to let him pass on to God. However, my faith tells me it is God’s will and now it must also become mine as well.
Congregational leader
Sisters of the Holy Family

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