Generous burse gift received

    The Rev. M. Martin Van Der Werff Burse recently received a gift of $55,000, the archdiocesan Vocation Office reported.
    A seminary burse is a sum of money that is invested, and the interest is used in perpetuity to help pay the cost of educating young men to the priesthood. Gifts, large and small, are used to help educate candidates to the priesthood so that they might bring the word of God and the sacraments to everyone.
    Other recent burse donations include: Msgr. Carmel Grech Burse, $200; Msgr. Elmo Romagosa Burse, $200; Muhleisen Family Burse, $250; Father San Andres Burse, $398.46; Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court Mater Dei No. 868 Burse, $200; Rev. Roy Patterson Burse, $690.
    Contributions to burses should be sent to the Vocation Office, 7887 Walmsley Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70125-3496. For more information on donating to burses, contact the Vocation Office at 861-6298.

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