Readers Respond 10-20-12

Nod to local clergy
    At a time when much is said and written against bishops, priests and the priesthood, I’d like to encourage and thank the many dedicated, hard-working, devout and compassionate bishops and priests who serve their parishes and parishioners today.
    The challenges you face are daunting, the demands on your time endless, the needs of those around you inexhaustible, yet you carry on. You build up, influence for good, guide and direct us.
    Our expectations of you are high, and by the grace of God you deliver, although none of you are immune to weariness, sickness, loneliness and a host of maladies which affect the human condition. From the newly ordained to those of you still serving into your 80s and 90s, you give and do not count the cost.
    Blessed John Paul said that we are to treat others as subjects of love, not objects of use, and that is how you treat us. We have much to learn from you.
    Through Mass, the sacraments and devotions, you offer us countless opportunities to enrich our relationship with Jesus.  We can enter any Catholic church and find a variety of ways to learn more and do more to grow in our spiritual lives.
    Thank you for saying yes to your vocation and living it with such love. May the people of our archdiocese show their appreciation, pray for you, and ask God to bless you abundantly as you have blessed us.

Teen musician lauded
    We would like to personally thank Beth Donze for her excellent article about our son, Cameron Hall, making the All-National Honor Band. We saw it early Saturday morning. Cameron went to Holy Family at 9:30 a.m. to play for a funeral. The band director’s wife, Juanita Haydel, came to bring Cameron a copy. It was a total surprise to see his photo on the front cover.
    Then on Sunday, Holy Family had a priest favorite, Father Joseph S. Palermo Jr., substituting for Father Perino. He personally came up to Cameron before Mass started and offered his congratulations right before they started playing for Mass.
    Just before dismissal, he addressed the congregation saying since he is a “roaming Catholic priest” for New Orleans, he visits a great number of churches, and what Holy Family has here for its music ministry is rare. He mentioned how admirable for Cameron and the other teenage musicians to share their talent with the church.
    Hopefully, the article will provoke other teenage musicians to sit with the band instead of the pews.

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