Readers Respond 9-22-12

Church in action
    I am moved by the involvement that the Archdiocese of New Orleans has undertaken since Hurricane Isaac. I was not living in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina. I moved here five years ago, and my spirit is uplifted by your newspaper and the involvement that the church shows in helping people regardless of their religious denomination or color.
    There is so much negativity about the Catholic Church that reading the Clarion Herald definitely paints a completely different picture than what the media so often portray.
    If pictures can paint a thousand words, then seeing pictures of Archbishop Aymond greeting people at the shelters, having Mass at the Chef Menteur area due to the hurricane, taking the time to listen to people tell their story of near death from water rising moves me.
    As a slowly returning Catholic, it makes me embrace my religion with vigor and curiosity so I can learn how to be a better Christian.

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