Living Stations of the Cross at St. Mary Magdalen

A dramatic living Way of the Cross performed in vignettes highlighted only by a spotlight was scheduled March 30 at 8 p.m. at St. Mary Magdalen Church in Metairie.
    Since Mardi Gras, approximately 20 members of the parish CYO have been rehearsing Christ’s passion and death. Several of the young actors said they have become more knowledgeable of their faith because of their participation.

“It’s such a powerful performance,” said Courtney Mesman, a junior at St. Mary’s Dominican High School, who is the voice of Mary, Jesus’ mother. “I like portraying to the parishioners how much Jesus suffered to help them understand. It’s definitely made me realize how awesome a woman Mary was. An angel visited her and said, ‘Oh, you’re going to have God’s son,’ and then a few years later, she gets the message, ‘Wait, we have to kill your son.’ She showed so much strength. The play has helped me admire her more.”

 Monica Copping, a St. Mary Magdalen eighth grader, said she feels Mary’s sadness as she portrays the Blessed Virgin.
    “I didn’t see that before, but now I realize that she was a big part of (the experience),” Monica said.
    This is the ninth time St. Mary Magdalen CYO has performed a Living Way of the Cross, said CYO leaders Patty Rose and Denise Lovrovich. They were assisted by former CYO directors Benita and John Dale, who helped the actors learn their parts;   Living Way of the Cross director Jason Tamporello, who has been involved for many years; and many other parents.

Charles Noble, who portrays Jesus, also had the role two years ago, the same year his older sister portrayed Mary. Their mother, Lori Noble, helps with the costumes.
     The original script was borrowed from a reenactment at Archbishop Rummel, but the current 1 1/2-hour reenactment at St. Mary Magdalen no longer resembles that first year’s play. The script, action and music have changed, Tamporello said, and reflects a whole new portrayal.


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