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Clarification on OLHCC president
New Orleans
    In my role as chair of the Members of Our Lady of Holy Cross College Corporation, I would like to clarify an article in the Clarion Herald on Aug. 28, 2011, entitled “Seghers takes reins at Our Lady of Holy Cross.” The article indicated that Rev. Anthony J. DeConciliis, C.S.C., a member of the United States Province of Priests and Brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross, “stepped down” from his position as President of the college. The fact is that on Aug. 16, 2011, I, in my capacity as chair of the Members of Our Lady of Holy Cross College Corp., informed Rev. DeConciliis that he was to step down as president and he was told that it was “without cause.”
    The Members of Our Lady of Holy Cross College Corp. want to thank Rev. De Conciliis for his accomplishments over the past six years. We wish him great success in his future endeavors.
Chair, Members of Our Lady of Holy Cross College Corp.

A fitting tribute
New Orleans
    Our Archbishop Gregory Aymond and his outstanding staff should, once again, be congratulated and given our heartfelt appreciation for the beautiful memorial review they rendered our beloved Archbishop Philip Hannan on his journey to join our Creator.
    The wake, procession and ecumenical services and Mass conducted by Archbishop Aymond were all excellent and should have left an indelible mark on all Catholics and citizens of New Orleans. It had to ignite all dormant and lukewarm Catholics in their faith. Msgr. Clinton Doskey’s homily and our archbishop’s closing comments were a “cut above,” as was our Clarion and local paper coverage.

Loyola program serves forgotten
New Orleans
    I enjoyed reading Beth Donze’s story on the Loyola Institute for Ministry program at Angola Penitentiary. I look forward to reading more stories on this program and on other Catholic outreach endeavors to the “forgotten” in our community. Thank you.

History is a teacher

New Orleans
    This comment is inspired by what appeared in the article about the recent meeting of priests in the archdiocese. In the article, a priest was reported to have said that no priests of his acquaintance were interested in returning to saying the Latin Mass. My comment is not about the Latin Mass, but more about the “returning.”
    It would seem that a very cursory glance at the results of the past 50 years would clearly signal that something is not being done right. There must be some effective power at work intercepting even the attempt at a cursory glance. Since even without the help of grace, human nature can and should reflect its way to correct answers, it might follow that nature’s God might hold his human creatures to the obligation to use this ability.
    Not reflecting on this history and not making corrections might bring dire consequences when accounting for stewardship. Of course, for some strange reason, this same human nature is not inclined to abandon the broad way for the straight and narrow way.

Prayer unites N.O. area
New Orleans
    The Sisters of the Holy Family have been praying to Our Lady of Prompt Succor and Venerable Henriette Delille, for the end to violence, murder and racism since it was first conceived.
    We are grateful to Archbishop Gregory Aymond for having the foresight to create a concept for having such a prayer for us to join hands and pray.
    We pray this prayer daily. We see only good results and know that God will continue to bless our city. We also thank all of you who have earnestly embarked upon praying this prayer with great faith and enthusiasm. Our city will continue to experience great results from this prayer.
    Thanks again, Archbishop Aymond, and many blessings for your caring.
Congregational Leader
Sisters of the Holy Family

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