Belief in Resurrection means belief in final victory of love

Pope Benedict XVI    Believing in Christ’s resurrection means that no matter how difficult life gets, one believes that love and goodness are far more powerful than hatred and evil, Pope Benedict XVI said.
    “Yes, in the world there is much evil, there is a permanent battle between good and evil and it seems that evil is stronger. But, no, the Lord is stronger,” the pope said Nov. 16 during his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square.
    “Despite all the things that make us doubt the positive outcome of history, Christ wins and goodness wins. Love, and not hatred, wins,” he said.
    Just a few days before the feast of Christ the King, Pope Benedict spoke at his audience about Psalm 110, a psalm about a king, which the New Testament repeatedly holds up as a reference to Christ.
    Pope Benedict said his reflection would be the last in the series of seven talks he has given about praying with the Psalms. The series began in early September.
    The pope said he wanted to give Catholics a taste of praying with the biblical psalms, which “reflect various life situations and emotional states” in people’s attitudes toward God – from thanksgiving to desperate pleas for God’s help.
    He asked Catholics to read and pray with the Psalms, particularly through the Liturgy of the Hours, “lauds in the morning, vespers in the evening and compline (evening prayers) before going to sleep.”
        – VATICAN CITY (CNS)

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