Fr. Andrew Apostoli opens Rosary Congress

RosaryCongress_FrApostoli    Franciscan Friar of the Renewal Andrew Apostoli, who has written a new book on Fatima, opened the Rosary Congress with a pep talk about why the rosary is such a powerful devotion. “First of all, Our Lady asked for it, and any time she’s going to guarantee something, it works,” Father Apostoli said. “She said it was so powerful it could stop wars, bring about world peace and convert sinners.” He said the rosary is a scriptural prayer. It is a “prayer of the lips, a prayer of the mind and a prayer of the heart.” He said a flight attendant once told him she had planned to take a course on transcendental meditation, which would have cost $300, until she followed her mother’s advice to pray the rosary. “I picked up the rosary and learned to pray for nothing,” she told him. “What a bargain!”

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