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Utilize sacraments
    Re: Archbishop Aymond’s column (Archdiocesan-wide confessions set for Sept. 14, Clarion Herald, Sept. 3 issue): I’m so glad to hear Archbishop Aymond’s plan to call for an archdiocesan wide day of confession on Sept. 14. Coming home via the sacraments is an excellent idea. As a eucharistic minister to the sick and shut-ins, I met many people in the hospital who would not receive the Eucharist because they had not been to confession in a long time. Then there were many who wanted confession and Communion but could not because of some perceived impediment such as a past abortion or marital situation.
    I would ask, “Would you like for me to contact a priest? Your parish priest?” But the conversation went downhill from there. They were aching to “come home,” but it takes a lot of courage to make that step. And, for the eucharistic minister, getting priest and patient together is not easy.
    Still others were ready now – if they could just have a visit from a priest. But when we contacted the parishes, we would get, “Father only visits our own parishioners” or “That’s the responsibility of the pastor nearest the hospital” or “That person is in no immediate danger. Have him come to see me when he gets back to the parish” – or any string of fruitless responses.
    But when a patient is in a situation where he has time to think about his life, that’s the time for productive evangelization; to seek and find these suffering souls. What can be done to treat any call from a sick or shut-in as a 911 emergency call?

Lay organization thankful
I would like to thank Christine Bordelon for such a beautiful article in the Clarion (Local women vow to imitate the Holy Family, Sept. 3). Thank you for coming to our “big” day! Everyone was so impressed with your coverage of our Holy Family event.

Thanks for the article
It is with grateful heart that I write this note about Christine Bordelon’s story  on our perpetual profession to the Holy Family Institute.
She captured my emotions perfectly. I surely was filled with thankful emotions to our Lord.

I’m proud to be Catholic
River Ridge
    I just want to say that I very much appreciated Father John Catoir’s “Proud to be Catholic” article.
    I have sensed this attack on the Catholic Church for many years now (I am 56) and have no problem defending the Catholic Church, even with its  imperfections.
    The statistical numbers will prove very helpful in my future conversations regarding the contributions that the Church makes to society.
    On a side note: In reference to the recent letters of bishops complaining to the Republican Congress about cutting back on government expenditures, the government has no business nor the authority to be in the work of charitable contributions. That is the work of churches and other organizations, Red Cross and the like.

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