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    True Presence Nights reveal meaning of Eucharist Five evenings of music and eucharistic adoration called True Presence Nights are planned throughout the archdiocese beginning in October. Read more https://clarionherald.org/news/true-presence-nights-reveal-meaning-of-eucharist _self
    Betsy, Katrina and Ida: A tale of three hurricanes Marianite Sister Judy Gomila reflects on the loving service given – and received – by local women religious in the aftermath of Hurricanes Betsy, Katrina and Ida. Read more https://clarionherald.org/news/betsy-katrina-and-ida-a-tale-of-three-hurricanes _self
    We need to offer our prayers, assistance to those affected by Ida Archbishop Aymond reflects on the extensive damages to people's homes and lives in the wake of flooding and wind damage caused by Hurricane Ida. Read more https://clarionherald.org/news/we-need-to-offer-prayer-and-action-to-those-affected-by-ida _self
    Loyola University New Orleans launches new app New app "Nearpeer" connects students, faculty at Loyola University New Orleans. Read more https://clarionherald.org/news/sharing-interests-connections-goal-of-college-app _self