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    Abp. Aymond: Practice gratitude throughout the year, not just on ‘Turkey Day’ In his Thanksgiving message to the readers of Kids’ Clarion, Archbishop Gregory Aymond suggests some simple practices children can do to show their gratitude. Read more https://clarionherald.org/news/abp-aymond-practice-gratitude-throughout-the-year-not-just-on-turkey-day _self
    The Good Shepherd School to add second campus A second campus of The Good Shepherd Nativity School will open in the city’s Desire-Florida neighborhood in the fall of 2022. Read more https://clarionherald.org/news/the-good-shepherd-school-to-add-second-campus _self
    Retreat set for women experiencing infertility Women who experience infertility often feel they have nowhere to turn to discuss their disappointment, anxiety, frustration and even anger. A Dec. 3-4 retreat sponsored by the Archdiocese of New Orleans may help. Read more https://clarionherald.org/news/retreat-set-for-women-experiencing-infertility _self
    The fourth-grader who 'fell in love' with Catholicism When Abby Douglas, 9, was killed by a drunk driver, her family was astounded by the emotional and spiritual support they received from the St. Ann Parish and School community. Read more https://clarionherald.org/news/the-fourth-grader-who-fell-in-love-with-catholicism _self
    A summary of the U.S. bishops' November meeting Archbishop Gregory Aymond gives his personal summary and reflections of the November 2021 meeting of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Read more https://clarionherald.org/news/a-summary-of-the-us-bishops-november-meeting _self
    Advent, Christmas events in the Archdiocese of New Orleans Read more https://clarionherald.org/news/advent-christmas-events-in-archdiocese-of-new-orleans _self